Neodypsis decaryi (Triangle Palm)

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Neodypsis decaryi (Triangle Palm) is One member of the palm family that could take first prize in the most unique appearance category could very well be Neodypsis decaryi or Triangle Palm. It gets its name from the bulging leaf or frond bases that grow to form a distinct 3-sided triangle shape that has a striking blue-grey color. The tall, stiff feather-shape leaves are up to 12 feet long. This solitary-trunked palm can grow up to 25 feet but is usually only seen around 10-15 feet. Normally the fronds are held upright at no more than a 45-degree angle to the trunk which gives this palm a grand and noble look. Another interesting aspect of this palm is the lower leaves on the fronds are developed into long hanging threads, called reins, which drape to the ground.