Livistona decipiens (Fountain Palm)

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Livistona decipiens (Fountain Palm, Ribbon Palm, Weeping Cabbage Palm) Tall and slender this palm is a graceful beauty. The symmetrical crown is nearly spherical and held atop an arrow-straight trunk that will typically reach heights of 30 feet. The costapalmate leaves grow up to 9 feet wide and are held on 6 foot stems. Costapalmate means that the leaves are midway between palmate (shaped like the palm of your hand) and pinnate (feather-shaped.) Livistona decipiens has long (4 to 5 feet) folded segments that are only 3/4 inches wide. About 80 of these segments radiate out from the stem hanging like delicate ribbons toward the ground – inspiring this plants common name ribbon fan palm. Flowers are yellow and are borne on a 4 foot inflorescence that is hidden among the leaves. The small black fruit is about 1/2 inch in diameter.