Carissa grandiflora (Natal Plum)



Carissa grandiflora (Natal Plum) is Many-branched, spiny shrub with ovate, rich green leaves, to 3cm long. Fragrant, waxy, white, jasmine-like flowers, 2cm wide, are borne in terminal or axillary cymes, to 10cm long, in late spring; they are followed by plum-like, ovoid-ellipsoid, red to purple-black fruit, 2cm long. Height 1.0-1.5m or more, Spread 1.5-2m or more. Native of S. Africa. Various cultivars have been selected, including Fancy, which is erect and very free-flowering, with glossy, dark green leaves and orange-red fruit, and Tuttlei which is dwarf, semi-prostrate, and dense, and useful as ground cover or for containers.