Asplenium antiquum


Asplenium antiquum, Asplenium antiquum Osaka prefers being placed on a light spot, but had better not be kept in the full light of the sun, for it might burn. 

Water and nutrition The soil on which ferns grow ought not to become too calcium-rich. You had best use rainwater (or calcium-poor water) for pouring water. Keep the clod moist but make certain that the plant is able to drain off any superfluous water. Ferns do not need much extra nutrition. You could add a little nutrition to your pouring water every once in a while, but only in spring and summer. Special types of fern nutrition are available. 

Temperature Temperatures between 18 and 26 Cº are ideal for the nest fern. Try to protect your ferns from temperatures below 15 Cº, especially if it is for longer periods of time.