Outdoor Jacuzzi provides an opportunity to indulge in an environment of enjoyment and relaxation.

For use during the day as well as a night, a Jacuzzi pool is a destination that can be used with family year round. An intimate retreat for the family environment to share conversation and add to the outdoor living experience.

The location of a Jacuzzi needs to be considered carefully and will vary depending on your landscape. Jacuzzi can be located to form part of a swimming pool which allows water movement between the two areas or a feature focal point that can be viewed from the home. Or they may be positioned more discretely, hidden from view to serve as a private retreat.

Surrounding Lighting furnishings, roof structures and plant material are all important factors to consider when designing a Jacuzzi Ultimately they will add to the atmosphere and experience of the area.

We can design a Jacuzzi area to suit your requirements, Contact us to learn more.