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Design Process

At terraforma we follow a tried and tested method when designing a new garden.
Step One – On-site survey and discussion of your requirements

Site survey and planning is one of the most important parts of our process, it is vital that we determine several important factors before we even consider starting the Garden Design process. Initially, we will discuss with you what style of garden you want, what features you would like to include, and what your budget constraints are. As this is an important part of the design process.

Step Two – The Garden Design

Even the most creatively-designed garden can be spoiled with the wrong use of materials. We can help you choose materials which will suit your needs, taking into account aesthetics, practicality,maintenance, and, of course, your budget.

Once we have surveyed your garden, it will normally take 1 week for us to produce the design. Once your garden has been designed, we shall book an appointment, to take you through your design,

Step Three – Managed Installation

At terraforma, we take pride in all our work  and you have our assurance that once your garden has been designed to your specifications and budgetary requirements, it will be installed and implemented following the most rigorous standards.

Our installation teams consist of fully-trained and experienced landscape architects and designers, who are masters in all aspects of landscaping. be it paving, planting, installing water features, and/or installing an swimming pool When terraforma installs your garden, you may rest in the knowledge that we employ only the most skilled and reliable workers.”We never forget who’s boss!”

We want to keep you involved all the way through the process of installing your garden.Your project will be managed by David managing director of terraforma from planning right through to implementation. Any queries you may be directed to David, who will be happy to discuss any concerns you might wish to express, or any additions to the project.