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Outdoor Jacuzzi provides an opportunity to indulge in an environment of enjoyment and relaxation.

For use during the day as well as a night, a Jacuzzi pool is a destination that can be used with family year round. An intimate retreat for the family environment to share conversation and add to the outdoor living experience.

The location of a Jacuzzi needs to be considered carefully and will vary depending on your landscape. Jacuzzi can be located to form part of a swimming pool which allows water movement between the two areas or a feature focal point that can be viewed from the home. Or they may be positioned more discretely, hidden from view to serve as a private retreat.

Surrounding Lighting furnishings, roof structures and plant material are all important factors to consider when designing a Jacuzzi Ultimately they will add to the atmosphere and experience of the area.

We can design a Jacuzzi area to suit your requirements, Contact us to learn more.



terraforma transforms outside spaces into practical and stylish outdoor rooms. Wooden decking makes a warm and comfortable surface while creating a seamless transition between house and garden.

A timber deck is constructed like a false floor, which makes an outside space on the same level as the interior. This creates the perfect solution for sloping sites, uneven ground and old and worn-out patios. There may also be space for under-deck storage and the decking can be designed to incorporate mature trees or established wall climbers.

Every deck designed by terraforma is completely individual. It may be quite simple with straight edges following the contours of a building or it can be designed with curves and patterns, custom-made balustrades and flights of steps. Decking is also the perfect solution for roof terraces and balconies.

Installation by our own expert teams is efficient and clean.  The materials for a timber deck create no mess and once installed, a deck requires little maintenance. A deck dries out very quickly making it a safe and clean place for children to play all year round.

Water Features

Water Features

Turn your landscaping into a peaceful retreat with the soothing sound and movement of water. Whether it’s a waterfall, fountain, we can help you create a slice of paradise in your own outdoor space. Each waterfeature designed and created by terraforma is a unique concept combining natural stone material. We integrate your interests and desires with the beautiful accent of nature. These breath-taking displays of the natural environment provide years of enjoyment from the relaxing sight and sound of moving water.

terraforma provide a full range of specialist water features and landscaping services to suit your needs. please contact us to see how can help you.

Outdoor Living Room’s

Outdoor Living Rooms

Fantastic outdoor living room are definitely stylish and offer the ultimate in relaxation, comfort and a extension to your home. terraforma work with each individual client to create a stunning out door living space customized to the ladscape design. Strong lines in a design define the various zones in an outdoor space and also reflect the architecture of the home. Opportunities are seized to make the outdoor space a real feature when viewed from within the home, enticing you outdoors. A unique shaped pool, pavilion and outdoor dining area ensure one can make the most of the outside space. Plants can also create a lush and relaxed atmosphere.

Swimming Pools

Swimming Pools

Beautiful pools and successful projects are possible only through thorough planning and close attention to detail. With this in mind we take an extremely design led focus from the outset of every project, working closely with clients, architects and our designers to create a unique pool that will complement the property and it’s surroundings.

Designing a pool that is suitable for both your family and property is key to the long term successful implementation of any new swimming pool project. Using our industry experience terraforma can design and build beautiful pools that are both visually stunning and also practical to use and maintain.

Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting

Effective lighting of your garden not only turns your garden into a beautiful nightscape but also allows you to enjoy your garden at nighttime our warm climate here in Dubai encourages the use of our gardens at nighttime.

We use a variety of lighting techniques to not only provide practical garden lighting but also highlight structures, plants, trees and walls to create wonderful nightscapes. The correct design and use of garden lighting can result in a garden that sometimes looks more impressive at night than during the daytime.

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Welcome to Terraforma Landscaping

TerraForma is a landscaping company located in Dubai who has its own in house team landscape designers and construction specialists who are passionate about creating individual gardens space to suiting all tastes and styles Our expertise in designing and constructing outstanding gardens for home owners is second to none; we offer a complete solution to all your landscaping and gardening needs. With our own in-house construction teams, we ensure that no work is sub-contracted or left in the hands of other companies.

Our Services range from complete turn key landscaping projects to garden redesign and refresh services.